Celebration Church

Dear Celebration Family,


Beginning Sunday June 7th, Celebration Church’s campus will be OPEN!  


Here is what you can expect:

  • All three Sunday Services will be OPEN!
  • Celebrate Kids & Nursery will be OPEN!
  • Middle School Classes will be OPEN!
  • Self-Serve Café will be OPEN!


Important Notes:

  • Celebration Church has contracted with a professional facility services company to disinfect our entire footprint prior to opening with a fog applied product that has a prolonged kill rate of viruses and bacteria.
  • For the foreseeable future, we are hiring a robust cleaning crew each Sunday to spray and wipe down seats, counters, and other surfaces during and between services.
  • There will be numerous hand sanitizing stations throughout the main corridors and hallways.
  • We are leaving it up to each individual to establish the social distance they feel most comfortable with.
  • If being 6-feet apart is important to you, our 9:00 A.M. service is your best option.
  • Although Celebration will not be providing masks and gloves, congregants may choose to wear them at their discretion and at their comfort level.
  • Tithes and offering buckets will no longer be passed.  Instead, for your convenience, there will be a secure lock box at each of the sanctuary doors.
  • Not everyone will feel comfortable returning to in person worship (those 65 and older, people with underlying medical conditions) use your judgement, Celebration will be here when you are ready!

We’re excited to worship the Lord with you!

We love you all very much,

Frankie Mazzapica

Frankie Mazzapica
Senior Pastor