On June 4th, 2005, after nearly a decade of serving as youth pastors, Pastor Frankie and Allie hosted Celebration Church's first service in The Woodlands, TX. The Mazzapica’s were planting 45-minutes away from their home. Pre-dating social media's popularity, mass mailers and newspaper ads were the only way to get the word out that there was a new church in town. The Grand Opening service had three people from The Woodlands in attendance. Four weeks after launch, Pastor Frankie vividly remembers telling his wife, "It's hard to speak when there are less than ten people in the audience."

In 2010, after outgrowing a Community Center, a Middle School, and a High School, Celebration took possession of a turn-key church facility. More importantly than numerical momentum, there was a measurable increase in the spiritual maturity of the church. The volunteers were load-bearing beams. The singers and musicians discovered their "sound," and the prayer partners stepped in to become spiritual Navy Seals who were attacking the impossible.

2018 will always be remembered as the year healings and miracles became regular occurrences. This resulted from much prayer and fasting, as the Celebration leadership had become frustrated with services consisting of four songs and a 30-minute sermon. There was unified desperation to see the miraculous. After a series of defining moments, the church received a breakthrough. To this day, after the Sunday morning's message, the Lord is faithful to move with healing power. Regularly, there are testimonies of deaf ears opening, joints and bones healed, and so much more. There is a conscious effort to allow space for the impromptu. The Holy Spirit has a desire to do more than bless our plans. Each week, it's a priority to discover what His plans are.

2020 was a year no one will soon forget. Celebration, along with every church on the planet, had to navigate a global pandemic. Amid the uncertainty, FOX Houston offered to donate 12-weeks of television airtime as a public service for those who could not attend church during such unprecedented times. A few months later, another relationship with another network came to fruition. Pastor Frankie’s Sunday messages started airing nationally on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) each Sunday at 2:30 EST.

Celebration Church is laser-focused on being a 'Source of Strength.' There are currently many avenues within the organization to express this mandate locally, nationally, and globally. For example, we have built a learning center in Brazil and another in Guatemala, caring for over 100 children. Homes in Houston have also been built and furnished for victims of sex trafficking. Each year over $200,000 goes to local and foreign missions' projects.

It’s exciting to have been a part of all the Lord has done within the Celebration family. However, there is a corporate belief that the greater things the Lord has planned are still yet to be discovered.